911 Ten Years Later

Here you and I are, almost to the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York. And here we are, you and I still not too much further ahead than we were 10 years ago in terms of understanding the events of that day, the events leading up to that day and the events following that day.

Maybe that is just as well. Maybe there is nothing other than what it was, an attack by Muslim Extremists hell bent on destroying what they could of the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

Perhaps all those unanswered questions are just that, unanswered questions. Maybe the theories regarding who knew what when, are only theories, unproven, and destined to remain unproven at least in our generation and maybe for generations to follow.

We know that there were things about 9/11 that we, the general public did not know. Like any crime, the investigators never show all their cards, never give away everything they know or knew. They release what they need to release without jeopardizing any further and future investigations.

But there is more to 9/11 than the actual events of 9/11, or at least there might be more to 9/11 in terms of government cover-ups and conspiracies. There are folks like you and me
who will always believe we do not know the full story and probably never will. We will always wonder about who knew what, who was behind what and the reasons why some things happened as they did.

The Iraq /Saddam Hussain war is one of those things. Was it necessary as a measure in terms of the war on terror, or did the powers that be at the time see an opportunity in the making and go after it towards their own ends?

How and why could someone as recognizable as Usama Bin Laden manage to evade capture for years, and how did he come to be safely living in Pakistan and for how long? Who knew he was there and were they protecting him? Or did they give him up?

Did the Americans leave bin laden alone for years in order to continue their "war on terror" which allowed them and their allies to continue to fight and shake up the Muslim world, a place where a good deal of the world's oil supplies, supplies necessary to the West, are found?  I said here before, finding bin Laden before it was time would have thrown a monkey wrench in any plans to take control of the Middle East, or at least parts of the Middle East. As long as he existed as a threat, as long as he was free and apparently a threat to the West, they had a good reason to continue with the fight, and to continue moving into countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.

I have never been convinced that anything I mentioned above is true, but conversely, I am not ready and willing to state it is untrue. I believe that there exists a strong possibility that there were things going on behind the scenes. Perhaps those things were buried deep beneath layers and layers of secrecy and buracracy, and perhaps no one knew the full story, and without the full story, well, all you have are tidbits, little pieces of what might be huge puzzle, with so many interlocking, hidden pieces. What you have left is supposition, and theories....conspiracy theories.....

What do you think? 10 years later, do you still believe we were not told the truth about 9/11 ? Do you think we ever will be told the truth?

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