Taken By The Greys

With Osama bin Laden out of the picture and the rest of his cronies busy for the time being scratching their heads, noses and asses, and wondering, "How the Hell did that happen?" We can stop thinking about terrorists and their antics for a short time and start to worry about other "stuff"

Considering we are already 5 months into 2011, I think it's time we turn our minds to the next big thing which might very well be the 2012 Prophecy.  You all know the story, the ancient Mayan peoples, a now extinct race, created a calendar that ends in December 2012, convincing many folks that 2012 is the end of the world date. It could also mean they ran out of chisels or just got bored with it, or.....perhaps they were a humerous bunch of fellows and figured it would be kind of funny to end the calendar in 2012 for future generations to have material for "end of the world" blogs and websites.

Perhaps...the 2012 theories are numerous
 and good luck sorting any of them out, and believe me, it will likely get worse before it gets better the closer we come to 2012.

Here's a video relating to 2012 prophecy. This is from Todd, author of the blog,  Todd is from Manitoba Canada and claims, in his own words:

"I have been awakened for a lifetime. I have had close encounters with UFOs/alien crafts many times. I have been taken.. I now search for the full truth to why we are being lied to about this."

As he mentioned, Todd says he has been taken by aliens on occasion and has been given some knowledge about the coming times. In his words, his experiences being abducted by the "greys" or "aliens" has led him to believe:

"We all will be a part of "The largest and most important event in the history of Mankind on Earth". "It will involve man and ET"

Todd also has a blog website, it's called Taken By The Greys 

Todd has been featured on a radio show, "Sightings" with Jeff Rense and Brian Vike.

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