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The recent prediction, based on the writing of Harold Camping, concerning The End of Days-The Rapture has at least got me thinking.

As you know, Camping predicted that May 21, 2011 would be the beginning of the end, The Rapture....the chosen ones will ascend to Heaven while the rest of us will remain here to suffer for five months until the actual end comes on October 21, 2011.

That means that big things are going to start happening tomorrow folks...some of you are going to disappear
while the rest of us stay behind. It gets you thinking doesn't it?

I am not sure what to think, other than I am not crazy enough to either agree or disagree with the prediction, given that we'll have an idea of whether or not it's right as early as tomorrow. If it's right, well, all heck is going to break out. If not tomorrow, well that's the thing....

Predictions of this nature make people quite wealthy if they get enough air time and therefore followers who donate money to the cause etc. It's a great way to sell books, promote radio and television shows, etc. The thing is, what happens when these predictions turn out to be....dare I say it...wrong. It doesn't do much for the cause, nor does it do anything for future predictions. It's a case of the "boy who cried wolf"

So why do it? Why make predictions on things like the date for the end of the world? Personally I think it comes down to money. Sorry to say, but it's a big financial venture. The secret is to predict something far down the road, so you get to promote your idea for a long time, garner followers to your idea and donations in the form of money. If the end of the world comes when you predicted, well...so much the better, but if it doesn't, well you've made some money along the way, and probably had a good life.

But at the same time you've done some damage to religion, or to religious thinking, because by being wrong, you forment the idea that Biblical prophecy is bunk.

Non-believers will use your incorrect predictions for their purposes, while believers are left to scramble and come up with plausible reasons why you were off on your calculations.

In the meantime, predictions like this can cause untold problems for some folks, especially those that are vunerable to such ideas. What about the folks who become despondent, or upset believing the end is here? This is the kind of stuff that could cause people who are susceptible to believing it, to do things they shouldn't.

Camping was wrong in his first prediction that called for the end of time in the 1990's, but undaunted, he and his followers just adjusted the date and chalked the error up to some "confusion"

Yup...confusion can be the reason for a lot of mistakes. So can confusion and panic started by people cashing in on predictions and prophesies that are untrue or incorrect. I am not saying that these folks are deliberately making stuff up, but they are incorrect. No matter that the Bible, the same book used to base their predictions says quite clearly that no man will know when the end comes. That's something they overlook or don't bother to mention, because it would interfere with their prediction.

But here's the thing. We here at Mysterious Societies often discuss Masonic things, as well as other mysterious groups, ideas and what some call conspiracies. Have a look around. What are those members of such groups, who we think have some sort of special knowledge doing? If the end is coming tomorrow, wouldn't it be possible that they would know that? And if they did, would they act differently? Do anything different? Or are they already prepared and just waiting patiently?

So far I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe that they are doing anything special to prepare. On the other hand, I have no special knowledge of what groups might be doing behind the scenes, so.....

Besides the above, what does it matter anyway? If the end comes, I doubt very much that there is anything any of us can do about it, so why spend time trying? I suppose if you are a survivalist you might want to check on your supplies of water and dried food, and make sure the underground bunker is clean in case you have visitors.

The older I get, I have to admit, I am less inclined to dismiss Biblical ideas, and more cognizant that there are some things we just don't understand, or cannot answer, with science or anything else for that matter. There are mysteries of life and those mysteries are not to be solved anytime soon. But, I also figure that we cannot solve the mysteries because we really don't have all the clues. Religious figures, Kings,world leaders, historians, chroniclers, since time began, have twisted the story to their own ends for so long, getting to the truth....well good luck with that.....

In the meantime I gotta go. I am preparing a landing pad for the spaceships that I think are going to land in the backyard tomorrow.

UPDATE: If the end of the world is coming Saturday, the Jehova Witness's don't know about it. They just put a flyer in my door inviting me to a seminar on the end of the world....the seminar is in June......

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24 hours until the christians go to heaven.
Peace and quite - sounds like heaven lol :)