Order In Chaos A Jack Whyte Novel

I love to read about the Knight's Templar, and in particular their linkages with the discovery of America, or "Merica" as they apparently called it. It is the wonder of the untold history that enthralls me, and the learning that so much of history taught in school is lacking, lacking in details and perhaps lacking in truth, either on purpose or because until recently it wasn't known.

The story of Christopher Columbus discovering America is so incomplete, that's not to say it is untrue, just incomplete, there is so much more to the story, and as is being discovered now, so much more that relates to that secret society, organization or brotherhood, the Templar Knights, or the Knights Templar. The history of this organization of Warrior Monks
 as they have been called has more impact on the world and society today than many realize. Their rise to power and wealth in Europe to their supposed demise in 1307 is an amazing story.

Author Jack Whyte, born in Scotland and now living in Canada brings the story to life in his trilogy, the Templar Trilogy. I am currently reading,
and I have to say enjoying Order in Chaos (A Templar Novel)
the third book in the series. At around 900 pages, this is not a book you read in one sitting, but Whyte's mastery of the written word and his apparent understanding and knowledge of Templar history is excellent, in my opinion. Whyte weaves a lot of historical information into this book, and brings his characters to life in a manner that makes the study of the Knight's Templar story interesting to anyone. It is a novel, not a history book, but the information and facts found within this book are plausible and for all intents and purposes, believable.

I'm midway through the book now, and finding it difficult to put down, although I must at times to do things like work, and write blog posts and even sleep....last night he kept me reading until well into the wee hours of the morning.

The three Jack Whyte books in this trilogy are:
Knights of the Black and White (A Templar Novel)
Standard of Honor (Templar Trilogy, No 2)
Order in Chaos (A Templar Novel)

I'm sure this book is not for everyone, and the information contained is not new information to those of us who have followed the story of the Templars and their connection with North America and society as we know it. However it is a book that even non-followers of the esoteric mysteries will enjoy and perhaps will develop in them an interest such as ours in this facinating story.

I recommend it to anyone interested in the life and times of the Knights Templars and their story.

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