The Bilderberg Group

What do Peter Mansbridge, (CBC News) Frank McKenna (former premier and ambassador) Robert Prichard (President, Metrolinx) Heather Reisman, (Indigo Books) and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell have in common? If you said they are all Canadians you would be correct....but if you said they were Canadians who attended the Bilderberg Conference in Spain in June this year you would be even more right!

Yup, these five Canucks spent some time with the movers and shakers on the global stage along with the likes of Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and U.S. Defense Policy guy Richard Perle and over 100 others from Western Europe and the United States.

And you thought there was no global agenda? Think again, these meetings have been going on since 1954 and still are today, leading those of us who don't get to go to wonder just what does happen behind closed doors at these meetings? There are some of us who believe this is the group who make all the decisions, the folks who decide who will be in charge of things like the economy and other world affairs as they strive to be in charge of the world et al. Sound familiar? I cannot help but think it has a feeling reminiscent of the Illuminati, another mysterious group who have been accused of controlling and creating world events with the goal of a one world government.

Apparently a lot of the invitees to these annual events change from year to year, which is one way of getting a lot of folks on board with the agenda, and also positioning people in all the right places. Or getting people from all the right places, like politicians, media people, book publishers etc.

Interesting group....for years it's existence was almost denied, not so much now, as it becomes a little more obvious probably thanks in large part to the internet and to media and who knows, perhaps because they want to raise their profile, perhaps they think the time is right.

A list of of the attendees for the 2010 meeting of the Bilderberg Group is Here!! It's an interesting list.....

Another interesting site devoted to the Bilderberg Group is Here

Now I don't mind telling you, some of this stuff is beyond my imagination or my abilty to complete decipher and understand. Like so many conspiracy ideas and unsolved mysteries, hidden messages, agendas and secret organizations, the Bilderberg Group is a complex thing to completely understand. Perhaps it is that way for a reason, like the Masonic Lodge, Priory de Sion and more of these groups, so much theory exists that it has become almost impossible to sort out the fact from the fiction. The person who studies such things needs to spend a good deal of time researching, learning and coming to their own conclusions.

It's also worth considering that perhaps this is not necessarily a bad thing....maybe a one world government is the ultimate goal and maybe it will also be the ultimate answer. There wouldn't be wars, there wouldn't be countries fighting over borders etc. One government for all might be OK, as long as the motives of the one government and the people who make it up are pure of heart and motive.....

I'm not saying that a one world government, or the idea that one group of influential people should be in charge of world affairs, but I am not closing the door on that either. Those of us in the conspiracy theory business have to learn to keep our minds open, otherwise we just might miss the real conspiracy as it happens before our eyes.

The Bilderberg Group

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