The G8 Summit Vs The Bilderberg Group

There is no doubt in my feeble conspiracy driven mind that there are things going on in the world that I truly don't understand. That there are people and organizations at work, presumably trying to make the world a better place. Of course it is always questionable as to exactly who the world will be better for, but nonetheless, I am sure there are many well meaning individuals hard at work for the benefit of mankind.

On the other hand, I am sure that there are many groups working equally hard to ensure a better place for themselves, at the cost of perhaps the rest of mankind. That being said, I have no idea who those groups are. Sure, I write about various organizations here, be that Masonic, Knights Templars, Priory de Sion, etc etc, but I am not saying that any of them have evil intentions. I simply don't know, and even if they did have "evil" intentions, evil is relative, and depends a lot on who's side you are on.

So when I read about things like The New World Order I cannot help but wonder if perhaps that is going on right before our eyes and we are accepting of it out of blindness or apathy, or perhaps because we believe what the New World Order folks are doing is the right thing to be doing.

Which brings me to the "The Group of Eight" or as it has come to be known, "The G8" which is a forum, started in 1975 by France, for governments of 8 countries of the world, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The United Kingdom, Canada, Russia and the United States.
The European Union is also represented but does not have hosting or chairing rights. "G8" can refer to the member states or to the annual summit meeting of the G8 heads of government. In addition to the annual G8 Summit, various G8 Ministers also meet throughout the year to discuss their specific issues.

Not a bad idea, kind of brings a "global" approach to things, all things really and certainly helps to build relationships between the various world powers and their countries.

Reading about it, I cannot help but come to some comparisons to the Bilderberg Group, except the Bilderberg Group is a little more secretive than the G8. The Bilderberg meetings are an annual unofficial, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests. But not just any guests, these are usually persons of influence in politics, banking, business, the military and the media.
Meetings of the Bilderberg Group are secret, the public and the press are not invited. But bankers, politicians and the very wealthy are there, representatives from all over the world, the people who it is arguable, 'pull the worlds strings' so to speak. Conspiracy folks would suggest that the Bilderberg Group are the people behind the "New World Order" or at least their version of it, and that they are the people who are working towards complete control of the world. that much different that the G8 Summit? Perhaps, because obstensibly the G8 is made up of heads of government, vs the second group which has seats for governments, but also for the powerful from other non-government organizations like banks. These are people with more than just government on their mind, power and money are probably pretty high on the agenda. World resources, things like oil, are probably also factored intot the equation. These are also people with powerful connections to government, and in some cases, probably control of governments, or at least some governments. I suppose some would be both, governent and the very wealthy. point? Don't have one, other than to bring forward my thoughts on the G8 versus the Bilderberg Group. It's up to all of us to decide for ourselves what it means, if anything, and if we care......

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