Aliens Among Us

Well, it's nice to know I am not alone...I've been suspicious that their are aliens in our midst and that they have been here for a long time, perhaps forever, perhaps it is even us....and now according to a recent poll it seems that I am not alone in my thinking....

A recent Reuters Ipsos poll of 23,000 adults in 22 countries has found that more than 40 percent of people from India and China believe that there are folks on this earth who are actually aliens disquised as humans. On the other hand, if you are from Belgium, Sweden or the Netherlands, you probably don't agree. 22 percent of believers are male, vs 17% who are female.

Now I am not about to say whether I believe or don't believe, but I have always wondered about the whole Adam and Eve story and for that matter, the theory of evolution. Isn't an equally possible story that the first humanoid was actually an alien from another planet?
 Perhaps the first Pharoahs of Egypt came from somewhere other than the fertile valley of the Nile? These people seemed to have a pretty substantial bit of knowledge for many things, perhaps it was learned knowledge, knowledge they were given or brought with them instead of something they 'discovered' Perhaps the reason they didn't give it all to us at once is because we are not ready for it all.

This could also explain many so called 'inventions' even things as basic as gasoline engines or electricity, some of this stuff is downright magical, especially to an uneducated person. So if you had that knowledge, but the masses of people were not ready to understand it or accept it, that might be a problem. In fact, in some places at some times in history, having too much knowledge could get a person killed or labeled a witch or demon or worse.....However, over time as people learn more and knowledge expands, they are more accepting of science and the marvels it holds. A light bulb for example, 1000 years ago if you turned on a lightbulb people probably wouldn't have been able to accept it as anything but magic, probably black magic, and probably wouldn't have been accepting at all. Things like electricity were and still are, items of "power" (pardon the pun) and can separate the masses from the few, so it stands to reason that those who held that kind of knowledge and power would hold on to it until the time was right to release it to the world.

If the persons holding those secrets were from another planet, aliens in other words, they may have known, and may still know that we are only capable of learning so much at one time. That might be the true meaning of evolution.

I have met people, infact work with one, who I sometimes have half jokingly accused of being an "alien" because he seems to be able to get more done than anyone in little time, and seems to know more than the average person about a lot of things. His life, at least from the outside looking in, seems almost "charmed" leading one to wonder what makes him different from someone else with a similar background. Is it because he is actually an alien, walking among us?

Many world leaders throughout history leave one wondering if perhaps they are or were aliens, particularly the ones who have a message, or the ones who have appeared in time to save the world from destruction in one form or another. Think of Winston Churchill for example. From all outward appearances, just another guy thrust into a tough job. But was he.....?

Now I am not suggesting Churchill was an alien by any means, but I am suggesting that there are people who seem to be more prepared, more capable and more bestowed with knowledge, skills and abilities than others and in the right place at the right time. Read his biography, in some ways it is arguable that he was preparing all along to lead Britain through a major conflict. There were probably hundreds of political figures in Britain at the time of World War II, but would any of them be able to step up to the challenge in the same manner as Churchill? I doubt it.....

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