Rennes Le Chateau Tomb Discovery

The book,  The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent, and Richard Leigh, opened many doors to speculation and discovery of the area in the south of France known as Rennes le Chateau. The book also highlighted the mystery surrounding a priest in the area Abbé Bérenger Saunière (1852-1917) who became enormously wealthy and powerful for no apparent known reason....other than the possibility that he found something, probably through clues hidden within his church and the surrounding area, which in turn led him to discover something else, that resulted in his attaining much wealth and apparently giving him power, even over his own Church.

Treasure hunter, author and historian, Ben Hammott, investigated the Rennes le Chateau area, including the church where Saunière  lived, and he too claims to have discovered something of vital importance, stemming from clues he uncovered in paintings within the church. These discoveries led to  him finding a hidden tomb, a tomb that appears to contain relics that may include links to the Knight's Templar, who had spent much time in the Rennes le Chateau area.

Hammott's findings led to a book, The Lost Tomb of The Knight's Templar and to a movie, Bloodline and more.

Hammott has made some fascinating discoveries and his website contains pictures of the tomb he uncovered at Rennes le Chateau, as well as footage of the inside of the tomb, showing what appears to be a skeleton, among other treasures. This discovery could very well be the source of Abbé Bérenger Saunière's sudden rise to wealth and power, and indeed, something that the Church, could have wanted kept quiet. There is much mystery surrounding the Rennes Le Chateau area, including the theory that possibly it was the home of Mary Magdalene, and perhaps even Jesus, if you believe the speculation that he survived the cruxifiction. It could also add credence to the theories that an ancient bloodline, from the line of David, of which Jesus belonged, may very well have survived and continued, perhaps to this day.

This is amazing material, and Ben has posted lots of information on  his website which includes some pictures taken of the inside of the tomb.

Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar: Rennes-le-Chateau Secrets and Discoveries

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

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