Oak Island Keeps Me Wondering

Oak Island has been a mystery that I love to think about, write about and read about for as long as I can remember. As a kid, stories of buried pirate treasure, particularly Captain Kidd's treasure, intrigued me. Now as an adult, my fascination with Oak Island has not waned, although time is in the way of me devoting much effort in that direction.

Still enough, I believe that much of the mysteries we question here, revolve around or are connected to, Oak Island. I believe the treasure buried there is nothing to do with Captain Kidd, unless by happenstance he stumbled upon the island off Nova Scotia's shore and hid some treasure there.

That would have been purely coincidence, because I think what was, or is, there was put there long before the pirate got there. I believe it is associated with the Knight's Templars and probably Prince Henry Sinclair and his visit to Nova Scotia long before it was "discovered" officially. I also think that there maybe a valid reason why Prince Henri is not credited with discovering America. For one thing, he didn't, it was already known about by some in the know, and for another, the ruins of a castle inland from the mouth of the Lahave River, which flows into Mahone Bay which is where you find Oak Island. Henri Sinclair and his men were there....they were there...I just believe that. The only question I have is whether they created the Oak Island hiding place, or if they visited it, to remove something that was already there....

There is just too much evidence coming to the forefront recently that points to a much older mystery, and a much more complex and mysterious treasure than was originally thought. Or perhaps more complex than what was originally reported. It is very possible, if not likely, that the treasure hunters, at least some of them, know much more about what might be hidden under the island than they have ever said.

Take for example the story of "Will" found on Andrew Gough's Arcadia Will has a story of a search he was involved in that was not only top secret, but very strange. He tells of finding something under the water instead of under the island, and relates the idea of a 'tube' constructed under the island and the water that forced the hidden object back and forth between Oak Island and a neighboring island each time that someone digs too close. It is more complicated than that, if you want to know more about it read the story on Andrew Gough's Arcadia

This for me, sounds more likely and more plausible than anything I have read so far. I know longer subscribe to the buried pirate treasure idea, and I do prescibe to the Masonic - Knights Templars - secret societies idea. I think that there are some people who know what is beneath the island, they just don't know how to get it. I believe it is the idea of this 'mysterious buried treasure' that gets people involved in the search, often important, or monied people, who wouldn't otherwise be too concerned with a wild goose chase for a possible treasure chest of old coins and maybe jewelry. Nope, whatever is there is more important and more valuable than that.

I don't believe that anyone would keep a treasure hunt going this long, spending tons of money, perhaps more than a typical pirate treasure would yield. There are other lost treasures that probably would be easier to find with the same level of effort expended on Oak Island, probably less effort....

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