Is It Fate Or Conspiracy ?

I write and post links to a good deal of information and ideas about conspiracies and a possible plan for a new world order. In fact, along with history, unsolved mysteries and buried treasure, it is among my favorite things to think about. Of course, like so much of this stuff, whether it be Masonic, or Knights Templar, Religious Doctrine, or conspiracies of politics, it is hard to pin it down. Sure, there are people who have put dates on this stuff, making predictions, some saying "things" are coming in 2012, just like "things" were coming in 2000 and many other times throughout history.

But what I think is often overlooked is that change, any kind of change, good or bad, takes time. Things like a conspiracy to design and build a new world order, don't happen overnight. The planning takes time, putting the change in place takes time, and no one is capable of enormous change overnight. These are things that are happening now, behind the scenes, but they are happening. The only question is, is man orchestrating the changes, or are they predetermined and coming anyway?

Life is change, things are never static, not really. Sure, in your own life it may seem like nothing has changed, but if you have lived any time at all, just stop and think. Look at even simple consumer things, like vehicles for instance, think of how they have changed over the last 50 years or less. Televisions have changed, so have the shows, newspapers, once the predominate media of all, are disappearing or struggling to hold on, jobs have changed, computers have changed dramatically and brought life changes to many, if not all of us in one way or another.

Wars are changing, the way they are fought, and who fights them. Society has changed, I think in many ways for the better. Organized religion has had to change in order to survive. People have changed, the way the live, the way the work, and the way they think. Change is coming...change is already here. A new world order? Perhaps, and perhaps that new world order is happening right before our eyes, maybe even as form of evolution, steadily moving forward, steadily changing. The new world order pundits may infact be just trying to capitalize on what is already happening, with or without their actual involvement. Could it be that Nostradamus had that figured out, that he was able to predict the stuff he predicted because he knew that the only thing constant was change, and change would bring forth some of the things he predicted? Now I am really making a leap...back to Nostradamus....geez....I do get carried away sometimes.

My point is, I believe there is a new world order taking place. I am not sure that anyone or any group is making it happen, but that it is happening, and they, the people in power, are trying to be part of it....

What do you think? Is it fate or is it conspiracy?

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