Cemetary Symbols on Headstones

I have written before about symbols on headstones, something I find very interesting. So when I came across this web page about some symbols found on headstones in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post a link here in case some of my readers might find this interesting.

It's quite enthralling to wonder what the symbols mean, and why the deceased or his/her family chose to put one on the grave marker. It could be just a symbolic way of telling the world of the deceased's interests in life, or it could be a way of identifying the persons affiliations and ideals. In some cases, we will never know. For example, the skull and crossbones, although they could be considered to symbolize death, or the cruxifiction, they also have Masonic meaning and for that matter, were adopted by pirates...does it mean the person was a pirate? Is it just something that was accepted at the time as the thing to put on a grave marker to symbolize death?

I dunno, but there are some interesting symbols shown at the above link. Check it out, see if you agree with the writer's interpretation of the meaning of the various headstone symbols.

Here is the link


Anonymous said...

This link is not working. I want to see it. I am from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The place is creepier and more full of conspiracies than you know.

stev4n said...

I have seen mystery symbols on granite headstones and marble headstone