Are Things Covered Up?

Did you ever wonder what would happen if the secret of the Oak Island Treasure was uncovered and told to the world? Suppose that secret isn't a treasure in terms of jewels, gold, diamonds etc. Suppose it is a secret more in keeping with the kind of things we think it might be, like the ancient Meriovingian bloodline, that is, the line of the House of David, that is, Jesus. What if it is proof of his existance, proof that he didn't die on the cross, or did? What would that mean to the world, to society. Would we be able to deal with a truth such as this if it came out.

Naturally the ramifications of any such discovery, even one not quite as astounding as the one I described, would have huge implications for the world, religions, and mankind. This would truly be stuff that would rock the foundations of the Church, and perhaps even civilization as we know it, particulary Western society and religion. It may have less of an impact on cultures and religions that don't follow the New Testament doctrine of Jesus.

But, whatever it is, a find and subsequent publication of the findings of something of this magnitude is not something that would be taken lightly in any circles. It certainly wouldn't be something that those that control the world would want to get out, at least not without their sanction and there "spin" on what such a discovery meant. one of the reasons why I often wonder and speculate why the Oak Island mystery, and some others like it, don't seem to get very far despite the money and effort that is expended by some trying to uncover the truth. There is real fear amongst those in power, and by them I mean the group that some would call The Illuminati, of what would happen, and therefore, there is likely a desire to keep such things beneath the surface.

But, like all things mysterious, they (whomever they are) cannot publicly come out against the search, or stand in the way of the search, or be perceived as standing in the way of it. But, think about it, well placed persons could do much to stop such finds from becoming known, suppressing the things that might lead to the masses coming into possession of such things. I'm sure that for some, these must be extremely worrisome, especially when the searchers announce a find, however small it may appear. There is always the possibility, however remote, that someone might stumble upon whatever the secret(s) is, and that would be dangerous. It will be interesting to see what does happen, if and when someone does come up with something real that cannot be easily covered or explained away.

I think that might  already be happening, which explains why sometimes, a major find is made, or something is uncovered, but quickly and quietly slips away, out of the news, and into history with barely anyone giving it a second glance. Take the mystery of the unidentified flying object that flew over the city of Halifax and Darmouth and possibly ended up crashing in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Many credible witnesses saw it, many men were involved in the search for it, but nothing came of it. Almost as mysteriously as the object's sighting, the search and findings seemed to disappear from society's radar in no time. Sure, there are those like myself, who read about it, speculate about it, but utimately cannot do much more than that, having no resources, or opportunity to find out anything more.

The same thing could be happening on Oak Island, or it could have happened many years ago, before mas media, before it was difficult to cover things up.....I wonder if we will ever know.....?

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