When It Comes To Mysteries Appearances Can Be Misleading

One of the most interesting, albeit somewhat overlooked figures in history has to be Sir Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626) Bacon was a philospher, lawyer, politician, jurist and author. He was a man who by all accounts, had a strong interest in the esoteric, and infact, is said to have been a Freemason and possibly a Rosicrucian. He is said to have often gathered with other men to discuss politics and philosophy. That...of course is something familiar to most Masons, who particularly in years past, met to discuss those same things.

That said, there is apparently some disagreement among historians as to Bacon's membership in secret societies, which is not unusual, since they were, 'secret' after all.....He was said to have been an intellectual, and reading about his life certainly describes a person of education and free thought. Bacon also had ideas about advancing learning, which of course is something that is also within the scope of Freemasonry, where doing things for the betterment of mankind is a basic tenent of that society and for that matter, other secret organizations, who at least make that claim.

Bacon is also suspected of being "Shakespeare" writing under an assumed name, for whatever reasons, not the least of which might have been his political connections at the time. Little is actually known or proven to be known about William Shakespeare, so nothing is out of the realm of possibility. It wouldn't be that difficult to create a persona, to create a person, in the 1600's.

That leads us to Oak Island, where, in addition to Captain Kidd's treasure, there exists a theory that the original manuscripts of William Shakespeare are the actual treasure hidden beneath the island. Or is it something else entirely, although, something that Sir Francis Bacon masterminded. It is entirely possible, and entirely possible, that the story of buried treasure, in the sense that it is Captain Kidd's buried pirate treasure, is a beard, pardon the pun, to cover up the real truth, and the real reason for such interest in Oak Island. As you will learn, Oak Island is hugely steeped in Masonic 'stuff' Masons have been involved in the Oak Island mystery since it's beginning, or at least they appear to have been....but again, that is the trouble when you are working with mysterious secret societies....appearances can be deceptive.....

If you want to learn more about the theory of Sir Francis Bacon and his role in Oak Island, I found this site to be very useful. It's called Baconiana by Betty McKaig.

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