Rex Deus

There have been numerous books written about the idea that Jesus fathered at least one child with Mary Magdalene, either before his death, or after the crucifiction, if you choose to believe that he didn't die on the cross, which of course, is a widely controversial theory.

The early 1980's book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh really brought this idea to the fore, as they built a case for the existence of a holy bloodline, decendants of Jesus, whose secret was maintained by the Prieure de Sion, a shadowy, perhaps non-existent group dedicated to maintaining the bloodline and perhaps someday restoring it to the throne of Christianity. Another writer who subscribes to similar thoughts is Tim Wallace-Murphy who has written a couple of books on the subject, including, Custodians Of Truth: The Continuance Of Rex Deus Wallace-Murphy attributes the Jesus and Mary Magdalene bloodline as being protected by another shadow dynasty descended from twenty-four high priests of the Temple in Jerusalem known as "Rex Deus" - the "Kings of God".

Those are only a couple, a mere smattering of books on the subject of a holy lineage. These are theories that are difficult to prove, and as such equally difficult to disprove. We're talking about things like a bloodline that might have been descended from aliens....yes I said "aliens" who populated the earth, and essentially created life as we know it. That means that Jesus was just one of many along the way, albeit one who was outspoken, one who was attempting to spread the message. If these stories are to be believed, and Jesus did pass on a bloodline, we know it is the line of the House of David, which is biblical fact, and does make him part of a royal dynasty, rather than a mere carpenter.

It also leaves me wondering then, if there are more Jesus's, more men who are part of the dynasty, still alive, still waiting for a chance to become known, men who have the answers, and who know what this thing we call life is really all about. Or, it could be that if indeed a royal lineage does still exist, they really don't know or understand their place in history, or their own lineage. Like it has been said about the Masonic Lodge, it is questionable if they still know the "secret" or if the secret they know, is actually true, having been passed down from person to person over the course of hundreds, if not thousands of years. It also leaves me wondering about their quest for "that which was lost" Could it be that the quest for the holy grail, might be just that, a search to find the true royal dynasty, which was lost throughout the ages?

To quote the song writer who I can only recall as having the last name, Thomas, who said, "I can't help believing" I can't help believing that there is so much more to this secret story, so much that has been, if not lost, convoluted along the way by man's interference, and by manipulation by the Church, who wanted to keep the secret theirs, and as such hold the power that came with it.

Will we ever know the truth? I don't know, but it sure is fun trying to find out what it is......

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N8 said...

I am what you seek. All of my paths have led me to this reality. My name, my path to enlightenment, my experiances and gnosis have brought me to the conclusion That Iam of the I am. The Reverand Nathon "AkhNaton" Gift of God, Son of God Deliverer. Quinn, Quinatour "son of Zues" bloodline of the Kings, intellegegnce, royalty under refuge. Dees , Descendant of David, Deis, Dios, Rex Deux. I am just now awakening to the reality of what is happening and I am seeking others of my kind. The Reverand nathon Quinn Dees.