New Osama Bin Laden Video Released

Osama Bin of the most sought after men in the world, has released a new video, missing the September 11 anniversary by a day or so, but releasing a video to keep things stirred up nonetheless.

The video is called, Message to The America People. It's a still picture of Bin Laden, along with what is purported to be his voice, telling viewers that it is the American support of Israel that prompted the attacks of 911 and that he vows to continue his fight.

It's amazing how these videos come out every so often, just keeping things going, although the absence of actual footage of Osama bin Laden, does leave me wondering when he made the video.

Do you think as many do that the attacks were orchestrated by others who wanted an excuse? Did Bush know more about the attacks, like did he know beforehand? Is bin Laden just a pawn in their game, who ever 'they' are? Is bin Laden still alive? Reports to date had him fairly sick, suffering from kidney disease for one thing, and perhaps even an injury from one of the attacks.

Hard to say.....but.....

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