Masonic Handshakes

Yup, still going strong with Link Week here at Mysterious Societies....came across and interesting article relating to Masonic info from the National Post. The article was first published in 2007, but it's interesting nonetheless. Of particular interest is the printing of several diagrams illustrating what are purported to be the secret Masonic handshakes.

The story refers to a meeting held at the University of Toronto campus that included some Freemasons who were apparently discussing their relevance today. It sounds like there were some detractors present, who had some questions and I guess some would say allegations, particularly relating to the secret story that many believe lies behind the attacks of 9-11.

The article also mentions something we have discussed here before, and that is the famous people who have been Masons, or at least reported to be MMasons or associated with the Masonic Lodge. In fact, the author, Ron Nerwisah, refers to a Masonic memberhip that includes notable persons such as Canadian and British Prime Ministers, U.S. Presidents, Senators, muscians Duke Ellingoton and even Tim Horton, founder of the Tim Horton's coffee business...and several more.

One interesting fact is the suggestion that getting Masons isn't really a problem, but keeping them is....offering stats that indicate 20,000 new Masons sign up each year, while at the same time, 20,000 existing Masons leave......

But...I am getting carried away, this is "link week" so really all I should be doing is posting the link and recommending you read the the link to the story is Here I recommend you read it.....

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