The Lost Symbol and Freemasons - What They Say

I came across an interesting post on the Freemason Information website relating to the recent release of The Lost Symbol
the latest book from Dan Brown. Of course Dan Brown as we all know, has become quite famous and probably quite wealthy writing fiction based on esoteric type stories, such as the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, both bestsellers. His books, although put forward as works of fiction, feature those underlying themes of secret societies, conspiracies and hidden truths, known only to some. To the general populace, a lot of this stuff is quite interesting, and the idea of secret conspiracies is quite popular these days, and probably not completely unfounded. As the words under my heading at the top of the page say, "Wherever there is fiction, there is some truth."

The writer of the article points out that because Masonry plays an integral part in Brown's new novel, that it will likely spark some new interest in The Lodge, and may prompt questions which current masons should be able to answer, gives some appropriate answers to the type of questions likely to be asked. Answers to questions such as “So is any of the stuff about Freemasonry in The Lost Symbol true?” and “So what do Freemasons really do?”

It's an interesting article, in fact it's an interesting website. You can read the full article Here!

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