What Are Orbs?

We've all seen them at some point, those strange little circular lights that appear on some kinds of photographs, particularly photos taken at night with a flash on a digital camera. They are known as "orbs" and for the most part, a natural phenomenon caused by airborne particles that are caught by the camera.

Some people believe that there are paranormal connections and reasons for orbs, that perhaps they signify a ghost or other paranormal activity, like energy, caught on camera. This is especially curious when the orb or orbs show up in an odd shape, sometimes not circular, sometimes with little wispy tails and other odd features.

The other thing about orbs in photos is that they tend to show up in what are considered 'haunted areas' particularly night photos or pictures taken in dim light, which by their very nature are kind of spooky. There is no question, taking a photo and then discovering a strange light in the picture, does tend to make you wonder, especially if you are open to ideas of ghosts and paranormal activity. That's one reason why night photography and orbs are so mysterious.

If you are curious about orbs, or perhaps you have taken some photos where orbs appear, you will want to check out this website, The Orb Zone Everything you want to know about "orbs"


MikeD said...

Orbs are dust or moisture droplets in the air. Nothing else. Ignorance abounds.

Anonymous said...

MikeD is an expert....