Secret Societies and America's Elite

It's been widely speculated, and some would say, widely proven, that their is a "secret society" or "secret organization" controlling world events. Perhaps 'organization' might be too strong a word, it could be something better described as a "secret elite" A number of individuals connected through blood, family, money, or maybe just a common goal, who are working quietly, yet doggedly toward control of the world. Perhaps they already have it....

Some of these folks are members of organizations like the Masonic Lodge, Skull and Bones, Knight's Templar, and yes, even the mysterious Priory of Sion, which may or may not exist.

What does exist, at least in contemporary internet lore, are connections between some of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world, from all over the world. Powerful families in America, who have relatives in powerful families in Britain for example, and powerful families in Britain connected to families in Germany, and so on....interconnected through marriage, through blood and through like minded goals. These are connections that have lasted through generations, over centuries and still exist today, perhaps more than ever.

Steve Sora, the author of several books on matters of interest to those of us who are followers of the mysteries of secret societies and who know that the history we are taught in school is not necessarily the real history, has written an interesting book, entitled Secret Societies of America's Elite: From the Knights Templar to Skull and Bones

Sora's book doesn't get what I would call "rave reviews" Some have questioned his lack of footnotes, and some have suggested he gets some basic facts wrong, and that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. However, even with some questionable facts, it is still an important book to read, as it does highlight the powerful underground relationships that exist today, in more places than the average reader would expect. Those of us who have read a lot of these types of books might argue some of the facts, but cannot disagree with the basic premise, that these connections exist in America today. For example, if you think that U.S. Presidents can come from any walk of life, think again.....have a look at the the genealogy of Barack Obama

You can order a copy of Steven Sora's book, Secret Societies of America's Elite: From The Knight's Templar to Skull and Bones Here!

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