JFK And Why He Died

I have written here on numerous occasions about the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and the theories of conspiracy associated with his death. That he was assasinated is well documented, that he was assassinated by a conpiracy of government and powerful people is also well documented, although well hidden too....In fact, I think that JFK's assassination may be the best proof we have of a group that are best known as "The Illuminati" although they may not actually operate as such. In other words, they may not be an actual 'society' or 'group' in the formal sense of the word, but they are like minded people, intent on controlling the world, no matter what it takes....

With that in mind, I found this book by James W. Douglass to be an enlightening read, one that points to what we may someday learn to be the real truth of what happened to John F. Kennedy.

Douglass has examined the evidence and presents it in a way that makes it hard to disagree with that 1) The CIA were behind the assassination. 2) The Warren Commission was created to cover up what the CIA did. 3) It has been continually covered up ever since. 4)JFK's death is related to the domination of the America by a shadow government that blames everyone else for their problems and wants war at any cost to propagate their own ends.

Sound familiar? A shadow government, bent on it's own goals, no matter the cost? American people, soldiers, sailors, airmen as pawns in their game? Think about it, think about Iraq, and what we know now about Saddam's weapons of mass distruction, which, it is apparent never existed....

Read JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
by James W. Douglass and you will have your eyes opened. You can order a copy Here!

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