Rock Piles - Stone Walls

If you have spent anytime in the woods, you may have come across old stone 'walls' Perhaps you marvelled at them, the size of the boulders, the way they were piled. Or perhaps you jumped over them and continued on your way without giving it another thought. Well, perhaps you should have....

It's funny how we come to accept the general accepted reason for things. For example, the stone wall I mentioned above. There is a place I know here in Nova Scotia, with a big stone wall, that, according to local legend, was built a couple of hundred years ago by a 'settler' I have believed that as the absolute end of the story truth for years. Until recently, when my interests in mysterious things started and I began questioning things.

Things like, why did an early settler, with lots to do, spend so much time building a long rock wall, using what I consider very big stones, boulders really, when he must have had lots of other things to do. Not to mention, how did he do it? These are pretty big rocks.These are not your typical field stone walls.

Apparently the wall leads to some kind of foundation in the ground, although to be honest, it is so overgrown, that I haven't seen it in years, and as I mentioned, even when I did, I really didn't pay much attention. However, after looking at Rock Piles-Stone Walls In Nova Scotia my interest is heightened again, and I am going to follow up on it. I will post some pictures soon.

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