On The Trail Of Sasquatch with Rene Dahinden

Switching gears for a minute, away from Oak Island and the Money Pit, to an equally interesting unsolved mystery, Sasquatch....

Back in the 70's Canada's national television network, CBC ran a program on The Fifth Estate about Rene Dahinden, who at that time, was claimed to be "Canada's only full time sasquatch hunter" He might still be....Dahinden had dedicated his time and his resouces to searching for the elusive, if not imaginary sasquatch or as the mysterious hairy creature is called in the United States, "Bigfoot"

Rene Dahinden was an immigrant to Canada from Switzerland, who had a hunger to find Bigfoot, so much that he spent all his free time in the woods of British Columbia, Canada, and took hundreds of plaster casts of alleged bigfoot footprints. He also had shares in the 1967 legendary/controversial Roger Patterson Sasquatch film.

However, like many a grail or quest, his wasn't an easy one. His family broke up, his money all went to following sasquatch, and his free time, when not in the woods, was spent following up on sighting reports and researching historical reports.

Somewhat of a local celebrity, Dahinden was featured in a film or two, some documentaries, news stories etc. He died in 1970 of prostate cancer at age 71.

You can see The Fifth Estate video of Rene Dahinden, Here! It is kind of interesting. I recommend it. The man has to be admired for his dedication and devotion to the search, his very own quest for his version of the Holy Grail. I admire anyone who sticks to it, no matter the odds, and believes in what he is doing. This guy, Rene Dahinden, should be an inspiration for anyone of us who is on a quest to find and understand our holy grails, whether that is the sasquatch, or the knight's templar treasure, or a lost gold mine, or whatever....keep searching.....

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