On Duty Police Officer UFO Sightings

I admit, I have a habit of posting stuff in groups, like when I am talking about UFO's I tend to continue to post about UFO's for a bit before turning my attention to something else. Let's face it, there are so many unsolved mysteries and so little time....

So, as far as UFO's go, one of the most difficult part of investigating any sighting is proving the credibility of the witnesses. We all know folks who will make up a story just for some attention, or others who will try to cash in on someone else's story and make it their own.

So when a UFO sighting is made by a police officer, it tends to lend credibility to the sighting, and validity to the story. Police officers are trained to be observant, take good notes and in my experience most of them are pretty sceptical of things they don't understand or believe.

Take this sighting for example:
On December 31, 1978 in the United Kingdom, Darwin, Burnley, Lancashire, Following reports by several members of the public of an aircraft about to crash two uniformed police officers observed a UFO the size of a double decker bus as it slowly made its way across the sky. The object had a tail three times the length of its head.

Or this one:
August 1969 0430 hours. Location - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Three uniformed police officers, two with binoculars, observed a triangular shaped UFO with concave sides over Mansfield General Hospital for one and half hours. It was first seen by PC PAGE at around 0430 hours. At 0606 hours the object was seen to change colour and disappear. A police report was sent to RAF Finningley.

That's what makes On Duty Sightings interesting. Police reports are factual, most of them are written without drawing any conclusions, as the cliche goes, "just the facts ma'am" Police are out 24 hours a day, sometimes with not much to do but sit somewhere and look at the night sky, waiting for a call. They also hear the calls from witnesses which alerts them to the sky. The other thing that adds credibility to these reports is that they are often confirmed by more than one witness. Naturally when a police officer encounters something he 'calls it in' thus other officers hear about it and take a look for themselves.

In terms of UFO sightings, I believe that police officer sightings are among the most credible proof of extra-terrestial or unidentified flying objects existance that we have.

Developed by a police officer, Gary Heseltine, On Duty Sightings publicly in January 2002. Primarily written for
serving and retired police officers in Britain who have been involved in British UFO police sightings it is worth reading by all of us interested in UFO's. Gary's site says he publishes an annual report of his research and he has collected over 300 reports dating back to 1901 with over 700 police officers involved and includes on-duty and off-duty sightings.

Gary's annual report for 2008 records another 46 reports involving 101 British police officers.

Something is out there folks......

Visit Gary's site On Duty Sightings

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