I'm switching gears a little today, instead of talking about The Oak Island Mystery, I want to mention an interesting website I found that has lot's of interesting information about UFO's and other unexplained phenonemon.

This site has records of UFO sightings around North America and more, which is interesting to read, some of the sightings might be close to your home town. This is an excellent UFO resource. It's called NYUFO.com and if you haven't already bookmarked it, you should do that now!

Reading the above site and more, I am always tweaked to notice how so much of the unexplained seems to be inter-related. The paranormal, UFO's, even history, ancient Egypt, even the secret organizations like the Masons and the Illuminati we write about here. I'm certainly in no position to try and draw any conclusions, or any concrete connections for that matter, but I have noticed how many of these subjects over lap others, or share commonalities, beyond just the fact that they are unexplained.

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