Knight's Templar Things

Since I am often writing about The Knight's Templar, and since you are reading what I am writing, I thought it might be fun to post some Knight's Templar gifts that you can own to jazz up your esoteric lifestyle!

Or...more simply put, you can buy some cool Knight's Templar stuff!

So, let's see what I came up with....

Knights Templar Coffee Mug

Here is something everyone should have...a 7 inch tall skull!

Knights Templar Skull

For the knight's lady, or a damsel in distress, how about a very romantic hand made cotton nightdress!

Romantic Embroidered Nightgown or Chemise

Of course you can't rescue a damsel in distress or launch a crusade to the Holy Land without the proper attire, so why not deck yourself out in this Knight's Templar outfit! Great for parties, Halloween, or crusading....

Adult Crusader Costume (Size:Large 44-46)

Of course, every knight needs a shield, so here is a 24" medieval shield constructed from solid, cold hard steel!

Knights Templar Shield

Finally, for the Knight's Templar student who has about a full suit of medieval armour! This Medieval Blued Full Suit of Armor
is crafted in the styling tradition of those master craftsmen who created the original for kings and their knights! The best part is, this suit is made of articulated armour and is wearable! That's right, you can put it on and walk around...It has a highly desired blued plate finish duplicating the appearance of those worn by the original knights. This suit stands about 6-1/2 feet tall and comes with it's own base and a sword and stand.

Medieval Blued Full Suit of Armor

There ya go! Some fun Knight's Templar related things for you! Well I gotta go...I have a suit of armour to shine....

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