Famous Masons

Some of the most oft visited posts on Mysterious Societies are my posts about famous personages and whether or not they are or were Freemasons. In particular there is a lot of interest in United States Presidents and presidential candidates etc, like George Bush and now, Barack Obama.

If Barack Obama a Mason? At this point, I can honestly say, I don't know. Most of the information on the internet seems to say Obama isn't a member of the Masonic Lodge, dispite some signs that may suggest otherwise.

However....I am a fan of this website, as I find the information there seems to be credible and factual. The authors of the above site have said that Barack Obama is not a Freemason. They do have an extensive list that gives a virtual "who's-who" of Famous Freemasons as well as an equally interesting, albeit smaller list of Famous Non-Masons and another list of Blacksheep who were members of the Masonic Lodge.

It's interesting to read the names on the above lists and discover, if it is to be believed, that many of those who popular culture and the internet conspiracy sites label as Freemasons, are not Masons at least according to this site. Especially some of the more current public figures, like George Bush,(and his father) Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Tony Blair, James Cameron, Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Leonardo DeCaprio, Thomas Jefferson, and more.

Who's to say really? Does it matter? I'm not sure. I do believe there has been and continues to be a strong Masonic Influence in world events. That could be because many powerful 'movers and shakers' are "on the square" it could also mean that many of them are exposed to or share Masonic beliefs without being members. There is nothing saying that in order to believe in the 'betterment of mankind' or 'making good men better' is limited to only those who are members of the Masonic Lodge.

As for an 'illuminati' that is another story.....Is there an underlying, hidden agenda happening around us, to us? Is it possible that some of the leaders of this modern day world are practicing a 'plan' or carrying one out? Perhaps, or is it just possible that it happens many of the famous people share some commonalities, that looked at from a distance, and with the right mind-set and spin, could be interpreted or mis-interpreted to mean they are part of a conspiracy? That they have hidden, secret knowledge? Or are they just similar in attitude and lifestyle, leading one to draw conclusions.....?

I'm just saying.....

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