The Knights Templar In The New World

Ya know it's kind of fun ordering something on the internet and then waiting for it to come in the mail. The best part is, if you are like me, you kind of forget you ordered it, and then a few days later, "it" arrives. That's happened to me twice in the last two weeks. The first time was when I ordered some topographic maps from the local government online store. I kind of forgot until the post carrier arrived at the door with a big long box.

Then less than two weeks ago, I ordered a book, The Knights Templar in the New World: How Henry Sinclair Brought the Grail to Acadia from Amazon and it arrived today. Yippee!

Written by the great nephew of the Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar of Canada, the author William F. Mann has penned an interesting book about how Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, arrived in the New World in 1398, almost 100 years before Columbus. According to the author, Sinclair, himself connected to the Knights Templar, if not a member himself, brought the Holy Grail to Nova Scotia Canada.

I'm fairly familiar with this story, legend or mystery, call it what you will, although not in the detail that Mann offers. I live in Nova Scotia, and I have to tell you, it is only recently that I have learned of this secret or theory. However, a quick skim of the book tells me that it is going to put forward some ideas that I have already been toying with, and should close some loops that I hadn't quite figured out. In fact, I have read enough other material on this same subject to firmly believe, that is exactly what happened, what happened to the Holy Grail after that is the part that I don't know...if I did, I would probably be much wealthier than I am....

If you're like me and have a curiosity about such things as the Holy Grail and the Knights Templar, I recommend this this book. You can order a copy Here for well under $20

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