The Holy Grail In Nova Scotia

The Holy has been the stuff of legend for centuries, a treasure unmatched by any other, although no one seems to know for sure what it is....vast treasure, gold, jewels, or the secret of the universe, the blood of Christ saved in a chalice, or perhaps it is a metaphor for the family lineage of Jesus Christ as put forth by recent authors.

Whatever it is, man has searched for it for years and years, researching and searching, coming up with more promising leads and more crushing dead ends at the same time....

In my own readings, I have come to the conclusion that my own home province in Canada, may in fact figure prominently in the story of the Holy Grail, perhaps more-so than some may think. But I am not alone, there are those who agree with me, who have similar theories, who have spent millions looking for the grail, whatever it is, right here in Nova Scotia.

So what are the clues? What are the theories that point to Nova Scotia? There are several actually.....some connected, some more difficult to connect.....

First of all, there is the well known history and mystery of Oak Island, a tiny island off the shore of Nova Scotia. An island that has been explored and searched since the 1700's when, as the story goes, two young men found a depression in the ground, and evidence of digging, of something being buried under the ground. That lead to many, many attempts to find out what was buried there, and to date, no one has been able to unearth the mystery. What they have found is a stone with mysterious writing on it, a shaft that goes deep into the earth, that floods with seawater whenever someone gets too deep, and numerous clues, none of which are definitive in explaining what is or was, buried on Oak Island. The stone, engraved with a kind of symbolic message, has been interpreted to say, that 40 feet beneath the stone lays a buried treasure. No one has proven that, and no one has proven beyond any doubt that is what the markings on the stone truly say.

Over the years, many have speculated as to what lies beneath, with most happy to think it is a pirate's treasure, perhaps Blackbeard, who was known to frequent the Nova Scotia coast, although there were others as well. Whomever it was, they knew something of engineering and science, and knew how to dig a shaft that others with advanced technology and equipment, have not been able to do.....

There is also the legend of Henry St Clair, or Henry Sinclair, from Scotland, a Knight's Templar who had marriage connections to the Norse, a people who knew about Nova Scotia long before Columbus and his crew set sail for North America.

There are those who believe that following the persecution of the Knight's Templars in Europe, they fled to the relative protection of Scotland and took refuge in the family seat of one of their members, the St Clairs. Henry St Clair may have been elected to take the Knight's treasure to the new world, to protect and preserve it. There is evidence to support that he did just that, at least there is evidence to support that he came to Nova Scotia in the late 1300's. That's well before Columbus.

There are the remnants of a castle at the mouth of a river flowing into the waters where Oak Island is located. Could it be that the treasure, buried somewhere under Oak Island, is somehow connected to the Knight's Templar, to the Holy Grail? Could that have been the castle of Henry St Clair, the place he made his home in the New World?

There are also those who believe that Glooscap, the legendary father of the Micmac Native peoples of Nova Scotia, may have indeed been a man, Henry St Clair, who arrived among them and spoke of things beyond their comprehension at the time. He would have had things like gunpowder, which to the natives at that time, would have seemed magical. When the time came for St Clair to depart Nova Scotia, he warned of a race of white people who would soon come to take over the land where the MicMacs lived. That sounds plausible, and also mirrors a story from the legend of Glooscap, and given that St Clair would know that eventually others would come to Nova Scotia, and claim it as their own it is very possible he would have said such a thing. It may have taken a couple of centuries, but eventually they did...

Another of Nova Scotia's relatively untold mysteries are the mystery of stone walls and out croppings, many of which have been explored and discovered by Nova Scotia land surveyor, John Coleman, who has an excellent website about his findings. These walls and rocks, form lines and grids all over the province, connecting many of the landmarks and important places in the Province. Many of the landmarks are found within the centre of his mappings, and is interesting stuff, and although Coleman isn't forthcoming with the answer, he does say he knows what it is, and in his words, "the whole “mystery” is larger and more beautiful than I would ever have guessed..." Check it out for yourself, John Coleman

There are other websites devoted to the study of rock walls and formations as well, too many to mention here, but here are a couple, Here and Here as well as this interesting site called Highland Boy

Is it possible that the answer to mysteries, like Oak Island, like The Holy Grail, lies right here in Nova Scotia. Is it possible that as we go about our daily lives, we see things that hold the answer or clues to the answer, but our lack of knowledge keeps them hidden in plain sight? Are we too accepting of history, the history we have been told to believe, the history taught in schools and churches? I think so....

I think I have mentioned before about a place I know, hidden in the woods of Nova Scotia, where a rock wall is located, a rock wall that is overgrown now with moss and trees, but is there nonetheless. I stepped over it hundreds, perhaps a thousand times before someone pointed it out to me as a rock wall, not just a random line of rocks. The story given is that it was built by an early settler who has long left this earth as he carved out his farm from the Nova Scotia wilderness....but did he? Were they already there? I think I am going to have to have another, more critical look at those stones this year. I will bring back pictures.

There are so many links and coincidences to the Holy Grail and Nova Scotia, that it is hard to dismiss them all. Nova Scotia has a rich history, one that I don't believe has been fully told, perhaps because it isn't really known. I realize that it may also be the work of rich imaginations, of conspiracists, of purely misguided historians, but the fact remains, there is much more than we know...Was the Holy Grail, whatever it is, brought to Nova Scotia? Is it still here, hidden from view, but searched for by many?

Here are some books relating to Nova Scotia, Oak Island, and the Holy Grail:

The Knights Templar in the New World: How Henry Sinclair Brought the Grail to Acadia
The Secret History of Freemasonry: Its Origins and Connection to the Knights Templar
The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar: Solving the Oak Island Mystery
Oak Island Secrets
Holy Blood, Holy Grail
Mysteries of Templar Treasure & the Holy Grail: The Secrets of Rennes Le Chateau
Holy Grail Across the Atlantic: The Secret History of Canadian Discovery and Exploration
Henry St. Clair: A Tale Of The Persecution In Scotland, And The Martyr Of Freedom (1833)

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