Keplar Space Telescope - Looking For Planets Like Ours

Of course in our interest in mysterious societies, unexplained mysteries and the like, we all have more than a passing interest in outer space, other planets, life on other planets etc. That's why the idea of a space telescope being launched into space for 3 1/2 years to specifically look for planets like our own is so intriguing.

It's called the "Keplar Spacecraft" and it's scheduled for launch maybe today. The Keplar will be looking at distant stars outside of our solar system, specifically one like Earth.

Since 1995 we have known of planets beyond our solar system, now we want to find out what is on them. Who knows, maybe one or more of these could be responsible for some of the Unidentified Flying Objects that have been reported over the years.

It's amazing to think what could be out there...who hasn't sat and stared at a night sky wondering with all the stars in the sky, what on earth makes us think we are alone......?

Read the MSN story about the Keplar Space Telescope Here

Visit the NASA/Keplar website Here

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