Hand Signs....again....

It's funny what comes up...I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about Masonic and Illuminati hand signs and gestures that seem to be turning up in photos of celebrities, politicians and other persons of influence and then I come across this picture of the Pope doing the very same thing with his fingers as he waves to his followers....doesn't anyone just wave anymore?

Hmmmm.....? What's this about? Read my previous post Here it might explain it....or it might just be one of life's little coincidences....To sign language experts and readers, the Pope may be making the "I Love You" sign, which, he probably is...but to others, that same sign is known as the 'devil's horns' and is a symbol of satanism which one would think was at polar opposites to any message the Pope would want to send. However....again, I suggest you read this post then decide for yourself.

In addition, do two things, one, adopt some of the poses of the people in the article and see how your hands go, are your middle fingers together and does your little finger easily sit apart from the others, particularly as you stand with your hand on your hip? I can do it, as can you, but in a casual pose, my fingers do not go like that, they tend to stay closer together...try it...you have to conciously do it.

The second thing to do is look at other pictures of movie stars, celebs, politicians etc, and see how they hold their hands.

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