Does Bigfoot Prove The Illuminati ?

Is it possible for a creature to exist on Earth that we don't know about? For an animal bigger than a bear to be roaming the woods and never be proven? Of course I am talking about "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch," an alleged ape-like creature that many believe inhabits the forests, particularly the mountains of the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

Said to be a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid, in other words, a big hairy creature that walks like a man. Although Bigfoot is said to be a legend, it sounds very similar to another legend from the Himalayas, called "Yeti" which is described much the same as the Bigfoot of North America. Scientists considers Bigfoot to be a myth, something created from folklore, mistaken identity and even hoaxes. I'm no scientist, however,I remain skeptical, but open to ideas.....

That is how I view things like the Illuminati, a supposed secret organization, many say is controlling world events from behind the scenes. In many ways, proving the existance of a creature like Bigfoot might also prove the existance of an organization like the Illuminati.

There are rumors and theories about the alleged Illuminai organization, so many that it makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction, lies from reality....sound familiar....I think magicians call that "misdirection" which essentially means that through secret techniques and tricks, the magician can direct your attention elsewhere while he does what is necessary to make his 'trick' look real to his audience.

If they do exist, I think the Illuminati are magicians of sorts, always there, doing something, but not always what we think. Release enough information to tweak people's interest, but direct to something else, so you can continue your secret agenda unfettered.

The actual name "Illuminati" is said to refer to several groups, including modern organizations, made up of world leaders, who are controlling world events without our knowledge, or at least so the conspiracy folks think. Historically, the illuminati were said to be the Barvarian Illuminati, a secret society that is said to have begun in 1776 basing their ideologies on the enlightment age.

Today the Illuminati, under the guise of governments and large corporations, is said to be going about their work in secret, creating a New World Order behind the scenes, ready to take over when the time is right and everything is in place. As such they have been blamed for starting wars and insurgencies to overthrow governments, allowing their members to take control of countries and their resources....sound familiar?

In fact, many U.S. Presidents, as well as European leaders are said to have been or still are, members of the Illuminati, or whatever their real name is, if they even have one. It is possible, that an organization as secret as the one described, really has no name, something like the al Quaida, founded by Binn Laden, not a group perse, an ideology, a brotherhood of men who don't really know each other, but are joined in a common pursuit. Imagine how difficult it would be to sort out who was or wasn't a member in an organization that doesn't actually exist....does that make sense?

Like Bigfoot, the Illuminati go by different names and different organizations, there, but not seen except the odd unexplained 'track' left in the sand...just like Bigfoot. What's more, like Bigfoot, there is so much information, unfounded information, that the average man has no time nor enough interest to try and understand or review the evidence. Like Bigfoot, a sighting creates some initial interest, that eventually dies away as people lose interest and give up when the sighting ends.

It's perfect really, leaders letting out enough information when it suits, hiding when it doesn't, denying all knowledge of a secret organization, all the while being a member, no culpability can be placed on anyone, no proof exists that can be substantiated.

In fact, movies and books about them, trying to expose them tend to further the idea that perhaps they are only fiction, the ideas of a writer's far-fetched imagination.

So...does the existance or non-existance of Bigfoot prove the existance or non-existance of The Illuminati?

It may not prove it, but it certainly makes it a possibility.....

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Kiko25 said...

I´m no scientist either but I strongly believe that there´s definitely something wrong in the world we live in. Just take a look around and see for yourself. We live in a planet that´s literally dying bit by bit every day and every hour that goes by and the only ones to blame for such a slow and painful agony are our world leaders. If they were truly and honestly working for us they would have already stopped the insanity. Instead, they keep pushing and approving projects worldwide which ultimately lead to one thing, the total and irreversable destruction of our planet and the life it holds within,including ourselves. Such task would not be possible without the help of some organization whether secret or public; therefore, there´s definitely somebody working from behind the scenes to ensure that all of these things come to pass. The only solution to these problems is TO WAKE AND GET OUT OF THE SLUMBER before is too late.