Bloodlines of Salem

I came across an interesting site called the Bloodlines of Salem about the families, names and goings on that took place in Salem, Massachusetts, in the late 1600's during what has become known as the Salem Witch Hunts or Salem Witch Trials.

And as usual, some reference to well known American families turns up, even here amongst witches and spectre sightings, as the author, David Nelson, claims that ex-U.S. President, George Bush 8th great-grandson of Mary Parker who was hanged during the trials.
The author, goes on to say that Bush was related to, " 217 of the almost 1,500 trials participants including jurors, marshals and constables who accused others, or were accused, of witchcraft."

Anyone with an interest in history, witches, and what I would describe as mass hysteria, will find this interesting.

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