The Bilderberg Group

I have written about the Masons, the Knights Templars, the Skull and Bones, but to date I don't think I have mentioned what some term the most secret of all the secret organizations, The Bilderberg Group....

These are said to be an organization of world leaders who are really the ones behind it all, the folks in power who are calling the shots, perhaps the Illuminati and Masons and others all rolled into one....

Wilkipedia mentions three names for the are; The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg Conference, and/or Bilderberg Club.

Whatever the correct name, the group meet each year in an unofficial invitation-only conference that includes approximately 130 guests. The attendees appear to be mostly persons of influence in the fields of politics, business and banking although others, such as academics, journalists and representatives from non-profit organizations are said to be invited. We'll probably never know because the guest list is not publicized.

The Bilderberger's meet in luxury resorts and hotels all over the world, although most meetings are held in Europe. Once every four years the meeting is held in either the U.S.A. or Canada. It actually has an office in Leiden in the Netherlands. Last year, 2008
was held in Chantilly, Virginia in the U.S.A. this has potential...and can be somewhat scary depending on the motives and ideas of the group. Consider that you are thinking about over 100 of the most influential, monied people in the world, putting their heads together...can that be good for the rest of us??

Could this group be the real Illuminati???

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