Are The Illuminati like al Qaida?

Following one of my posts about Illuminati and the idea that some celebs and politicians are using a particular hand sign when they wave or pose for pictures, I received an interesting comment from an anonymous reader of Mysterious Societies.

Before I begin I'd like to thank him or her for adding their thoughts to my post. The post I refer to was called, Open Your Mind Illuminati Symbolism

The person wrote to say that the idea of an Illuminati existing today was...well...I suppose 'hogwash' He, or she, explained that the Illuminati and any connection they may or may not have had to the Masonic Lodge was unlikely.

The comment struck me as interesting and certainly a worthwhile effort, considering it is about the length of an entire blog post, which is quite a bit of effort to make in a blog comment. And to top it off, the comment was anonymous so they cannot even receive credit for their work in terms of reciprocal links to their own site. Too bad because I think the person had something to valuable to add to our discussion.

However...I am not prepared to say, "Oh yeah, I never thought of that! You're right!" and forget it, that's not my nature. Nor I am about to say that the poster is wrong or perhaps worse, someone trying to refute the things I mentioned to hide the truth.

What I am going to say is that I don't know what is correct or true, about any of the things I write about. I know what I know, and I know what I think, but that doesn't make it correct. If I had the answer, well, I'd tell you. What I offer are some ideas, some thoughts that I think about, and some things I wonder about and perhaps leave you something to wonder about. At best, it is all true and useful info, at worst it is cheap entertainment.

So, is the Illuminati a long forgotten, defunct organization? Did it end almost before it started in the 1700's? if it really existed at all? Is it the ancestor of the Masonic organization? I don't know.

It is entirely possible that the 'illuminati' don't even consider themselves an 'organization' any more than Bin Laden considers 'al Qaida' an organization. It is an 'idea' a 'movement' but not an organization, at least not in his description of it. Could it be that the Illuminati is much the same? Not an organized entity, but a mindset, a shared way of thinking, a collection of people working independently toward the same goals? That would explain why it is so difficult to pin down any real proof of it's existance anymore than we can pin down proof of al Qaida.

Think about it, people in positions of power, of celebrity, of influence, all working toward common goals, all working toward what they feel is their ideal for society, perhaps for life, and perhaps for their own ends. It would be rather difficult to prove a conspiracy or an organized effort, particularly if the connection between them is so sketchy, there is nothing to link one to the other, nothing to prove complicity between each other.

So, whether the comments left by my anonymous commentor are true or not, remains to be seen, but one thing for sure, they are interesting.....

I truly appreciate and love to hear from you, so feel free to comment on anything I write and don't feel obliged to agree with me.

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