UFO's Over Canada

I read an article on MSN from The Canadian Press that I thought might be of interest to us here at Mysterious Societies...

It seems that Canada has the most sightings of UFO's and last year reported a record number! This according to Ufology Research, a Winnepeg, Manitoba company.

According to the report, there were 1,004 reported sightings in 2008That is a 25% increase over 2007 and the highest number in the 20 years they have kept records.

There isn't any kind of official explanation for this increase. Naturally there are lots of possible reasons, things like more airplanes flying, more military activity, more people looking...and more people reporting what they see or think they see. Lot's of these sightings turn out to be something that can be identified, like a plane, or a shooting star, for examples.

However, according to the article, somewhere between one and 10% of the reported sightings cannot be explained. So...if I did the math right, that means somewhere between 10 and 100 sightings might be actual Unidentified Flying Objects.

In Wadena, Sask, people reported a object the size of a car floating quickly across a rural highway.

In Manitoba, a woman reported seeing something in the night sky that she watched for 45 seconds until it shot straight up into the sky and disappeared. The witness reported hearing no sound at all.

It seems Ontario is popular with UFO watchers, where residents reported seeing some 334 UFO's in 2008 and British Columbia was second with 272, Alberta third with 157.

So...what makes Canada such a good spot to see UFO's? It could be our miles and miles of open spaces, where the sky above is quite dark and objects are more visible than they are against a city sky backdrop which doesn't get as dark. It could also be that these objects are passing over us enroute to the USA. It could also be nothing....sure makes me wonder though....

Want to know more? Here is an intersting link, doesn't seem to have been updated recently, but interesting stuff! Canada UFO Evidence
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You can read the full 2008 Canadian UFO Survey Here

Here is a alleged UFO Video shot in Nova Scotia!

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