Barack Obama Handshake Is It a Sign?

Let me start by saying, as I did in my previous post, I have no idea if the new United States President is a Mason or not. Nor am I suggesting it is a bad thing if he is...I am however curious about it, given that no matter what they may like us to believe, the United States is a very Masonic country, with strong beginnings attached to Freemasonery. If Barack is a member of the Masonic Lodge, it is not well known, although we did wonder if he might be a Prince Hall Mason. (see previous post)

What we do know is that Mason's are prone to using secret signs to identify one another, usually to each other. That's what makes this video kind of interesting. This is a news clip, but the news story is not the story for our purposes, it's the handshake that President Obama seems to give during one of his appearances meeting the troops. Watch closely....

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