Britain Releases UFO Files

What do you make of Britain's Ministry of Defence releasing some files on Unidentified Flying Objects? (UFO)

In all some 19 files have been made available online for yours and my reading pleasure. These files document UFO sightings over Britain between the years 1986 and 1991. These are reports of unknown aircraft that were reported and in some cases investigated, at least to some degree.

The Ministry plans to release about 200 UFO files over the next four years. The ones released recently include a report from a US Air Force Pilot being ordered to shoot down a UFO over East Anglia, and a passenger jet bound for Heathrow Airport reporting a near miss with a UFO.

These are interesting reading, and of course vitally important to those of us with an interest in mysteries like unidentified flying objects. These files are quite large and quite interesting. It's important to remember that although you and I consider an UFO to be other worldly, the military use the term to describe anything flying that they cannot immediately identify. So, what has been reported as a UFO originally, is often dispelled later with a plausible explanation, like a plane, meteor, satellites, falling stars, helicoptors....well you get the picture. But that does not mean that all of these files have an explanation. Quite the contrary, in fact a good many defy explanation, or the explanation given is circumspect. So be warned, not all things considered UFO's by the military are UFO's to us.

A lot of this has been previously classified secret information, so this is quite exciting to see. It does prompt the question though, why now? Is it because those in power in Britain feel we are ready to handle it? Or is it because of a need to provide us with a fresh load of misinformation, so we can go off chasing false leads? Or is there another yet undisclosed reason? I have to ask, are they covering something else up, hoping to bury it in the confusion around the release of these files?

The reports are being released with 'no comment' from the government, sort of a 'here ya go' attitude about them.

That said, now is your opportunity to read some of these files for free and quite easily. You can download them at the UK National Archive here!

Speaking of UFO's if you have had a close encounter of the unidentified kind, MSNBC's show Dateline wants to hear about it. Find out the details at their site, MSNBC - Here

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