The Bloodline of The Illuminati

If you had any doubt about the "Illuminati" and secret world conspiracies and cover-ups...if you had any doubt that there are people trying to control world need to watch the recent series of videos that I have recently posted, called, Ring Of Power, The Illuminati Bloodline.

The series is in my previous posts, the best way is to go to the first post and work frontwards to the end. One of the problems of blogging....everything seems reversed sometimes...

These are troubled times with troubled people at the helm folks, not just in the USA but all over the place. I cannot help but be left with the impression that we are being duped, duped by people we should be able to trust. The children of the world are in trouble if you ask me and there isn't a lot of light at the end of the tunnel either. As I watched these videos and pondered whether or not there was truth in what they allege, I am left to wonder how are times will be interpreted and remembered hundreds or thousands of years from now...what will the historians say?

This video series covers everything from pre-biblical times right through to the present. In between it is a history lesson of the world as we know it, including information about the British Royal Family and more. It makes some pretty compelling arguments, albeit some unsubstantiated, that would lead one to the conclusion that the plans for what George Bush called, "a new world order" really exist, and trust me, I am not sure that is a world order we are all going to like....

You can go to YouTube and watch these videos, or you can watch them here, but I think you should watch them. Please, keep an open mind, think about what they suggest and where possible try to validate or disprove what they want you to believe.Remember, you have to consider the source and in this case we don't have a lot to go on. However, we can try to validate some of the things stated in the videos about who owns what corporations etc.

Good Luck!

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