Oak Island Knights Templar Theory

Ok Island, on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada has been a mystery since the late 1700's when, as the story goes, two young men found a depression in the ground and evidence that someone had buried something. Of course, in those times pirates roamed the coast and it was surmised that it had to be a pirate treasure buried there.

Among other things, a shaft was found and subsequent attempts were made to dig to the bottom of it. Searchers found oak 'floors' as they dug, signifying levels and I think proving beyond a doubt that someone had been doing something there. Whoever it was that created the Oak Island shaft was no fool, and searchers have encountered problems along the way, including flooding of the shaft which apparently is connected to the ocean, which is not far away.

The amazing thing is that we have to consider this tunnel was made long before man had excavators and equipment such as we have today. The designers had to know something about engineering, (a lot actually) and about tunnelling, and so on. Whatever they buried must have been extremely valuable to them considering the work they went through to create such a hiding spot. Although I know that pirates were not all the kind of wild, uneducated ruffians that they have been portrayed as, I still doubt they would have had the ability or the need to create such a place to hide their treasure. For one thing, it seems to me pirates would probably not bury something so deep it would be a big enterprise to retrieve. I think they would be inclined to bury their loot somewhere hidden, but easy to dig up when they wanted it. This doesn't appear to be the case on Oak Island. Unless of course they had secret knowledge, or someway, as yet undiscovered, of accessing their treasure without going through the shaft being explored in more recent times.

Among the theories, and one that I find more plausible than pirates is the Knights Templar, and perhaps their treasure, or even the Holy Grail. We know that the Templars spent years excavating under Solomon's Temple, and we know that they became richer than kings at some point in their history. We also know suspect that after the Pope turned against them in 1303, some of the Templars escaped, landing first in Scotland, seeking shelter at Roslyn, and then quite possibly, leaving Scotland for the New World, specifically, Nova Scotia, which is latin for New Scotland. We also know that at least one member of the Sinclair family of Roslyn, I believe Henry Sinclair, himself connected to, if not a member of the Knights Templars, travelled to Nova Scotia.

Sinclair was married into a Norse family, and the Norse (Vikings) had visited Canada long before Columbus and John Cabot and other explorers founded the new land. His family connections may have given Sinclair the information he needed to sail to Nova Scotia and hide the treasure. We also know that along the mouth of the Lahave River not far from Oak Island are what seem to be the ruins of an old castle like building...how did that get there? and why don't more people know about it? It's not something you read about in the history we are taught in school, even in Nova Scotia.

Henri Sinclair's connection to the Knights Templar, the Knight's connection to the Holy Grail, and religious history, and the mystery surrounding their wealth, along with Sinclair's connection to Nova Scotia lead me to wonder if their isn't something to the idea that Oak Island is somehow a part of the history of one of the greatest secret societies, The Knight's Templar.

The discovery back in the 1700's launched numerous attempts to dig up the treasure, to find whatever is or was buried there. That search continues to this day. Will we ever know what is or was buried there, and who buried it? I have no idea, but it is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries that haunts me.

Here is author Darcy O'Connor talking about his theory of Oak Island and the Knight's Templar, you'll see that Darcy disagrees with me, but I don't hear him giving a plausible theory in place of it.

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I am writing to ask for your support. A world-wide petition has been developed to ask the Province of Nova Scotia to grant Dan Blankenship and his financial partners a Treasure Trove License for exploration of Oak Island. If you are able to post the links and/or sign the petition that would be wonderful!

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