The Cornuto

According to this video, the hand signal involving the first and last fingers that I mentioned in my last post, is actually called "The Cornuto" the sign of the two horned devil, satan, or the "horned god of witchcraft"
About midway through this video the symbol is shown, along with some very famous people making it with their hands, albeit some in apparent gestures that are quite open, while a couple of others seem to be showing the symbol almost by accident. Maybe it is by accident.

I cannot help but go back to my earlier post, which from what I can find out, shows that this symbol is not the "I Love You" sign of the American Sign Language. It is something else. Perhaps, perhaps it is "I Love" but...if that's the case, I can find nothing written to back that up. It appears to be a very popular hand sign amongst celebrities and politicians alike. Why aren't the rest of us using it? Are they trying to encourage us to start using it? You'll notice in the video that the opening shows the thumb being used, but as you watch the video, you'll see for the most part it isn't used by the subjects in the vid. the old saying goes...very interesting....

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