The New World Order

The New World Order...what is that exactly? Is it the Masonic Lodge, The Illuminati, The Knights Templars, The Skull and Bones Society? Is it all of them, or are they merely pawns in a secret organization much bigger and much more secret than even they can imagine? I wish I could tell you definitively as I certainly don't know.
I know lots of Masons, and to tell the truth, they don't seem too worried about a new world order, but they are only the rank and file members of the Masonic Lodge, guys who joined up, go to meetings but....I don't think they are in their lodges on meeting night deciding how to control the world...I just don't see that happening. Nor do I see it happening in many other esoteric type organizations. At least not in the ranks, in the many members who annual dues support these organizations, allowing them to do whatever it is they do....and what is that exactly...the betterment of mankind? Perhaps through a new world order of their design...or someone elses?

As I read and study things I find more and more that leads me to wonder...if not believe. Are world events just 'happening' or are they being orchestrated by those in power? Are the media in league or just pawns to be used to the advantage of the persons who seek to control the world?

This video has some interesting food for thought, some things you may know and some that may surprise you.....

So is there a secret world, a secret society leading us to a New World Order, one that will benefit them and not you and me or is it one that will benefit all of us....? I don't know......

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