Musings on Ancient Mysteries....

I apologize for my tardiness, or lack of posts of late. Not making excuses, but it's been a busy spring for me. Lot's going on, unfortunately most of it isn't what I would like to have going on, like time to investigate some of the mysteries that dog me so much.

One thing I have discovered as I delve into the ancient societies, religions, and unexplained mysteries and even conspiracy theories is that there is so much information out there it becomes overwhelming. It also nags at me because I want to read it all, learn it all and understand it all, but to tell the truth, I cannot...there is just too much.

The other thing I have noticed is that so many of the things that interest me, be they the Knights Templars, Masonic Lodges, pyramids, ancient egyptians, UFO's or what have you they seem to be linked in some way. Yes, linked, and I think that is the secret to some of this stuff. Alone it means nothing, or it means nothing we can figure out, but if one had the capacity to understand it all, I think a picture would start to form, or an understanding of the very mysteries we are trying to understand.

I now believe that no one mystery stands alone. They are linked, completely entwined in history, in things we not only don't understand, we don't even know about them. There is far more going on than the average person thinks about, and a person is a fool who thinks that they understand any of it. When I discuss this blog, or some of my thoughts on the esoteric, conspiracies or whatever, I am often met with sceptism, or outright 'that is crazy' resistance. It's that same kind of resistance that to me is what keeps us from learning what is out there, and from understanding the world around us the way that people in our past may have.

There is no doubt in my mind that the ancient peoples knew things that we don't. Things that have been long forgotten, or lost. Sure, some groups claim to know, claim to understand, but do they? Or do they understand what has been left to them to understand as time moves forward. I am often reminded, or remind myself of the old game we used to play in The Boy Scouts. You know the one where one person whispers a secret to another, who whispers it to another, and so on down the line, until it comes to the end. The person at the end of the line explains the secret he has just been told, and it is never the same as the original secret.

Add to the loss of the orgiginal message over time the desire for some groups or individuals to withhold information from the masses, and you are left with little or nothing on which to work from. what I think we are dealing with here.....

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