Shag Harbour UFO

Nova Scotia is home to a great many mysteries, not the least of which includes sightings of unidentified flying objects.

In 1967 a Unidentified flying object flew over Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada and appeared to crash into a small harbour on the south shore, Shag Harbour. This well documented UFO incident was witnessed by several people, including 3 RCMP officers.

There were others who witnessed something with 4 lights fall into the waters of Shag Harbour, and many locals who jumped in their fishing boats and went to investigate. All they found was a mysterious yellow foam.

The Canadian Navy investigated the scene, obstensibly looking for a crashed airplane, until the arrival of the United States Navy who took over the search...
As you will hear in this video, divers brought up a few things from the ocean, but nothing was ever explained. It is however, a government documented event of a Unidentified Flying Object, perhaps one of the only ones.

There is a book about this, written by Dan Ledger and Chris Styles, called Dark Object: The World's Only Government-Documented UFO Crash

As I mentioned, Nova Scotia has a fascinating role in many unexplained mysteries. This is certainly one of them. But there is also the mystery of Oak Island, where treasure hunters have worked for years trying to uncover something they believe to be buried on the small island. There is also the connection between the Sinclair family of Rosyln Chapel in Scotland, the Knights Templars and perhaps the Holy Grail itself. In fact, it is becoming acknowledged that Sir Henry Sinclair, or St Clair, may well have been to Nova Scotia years before the documented discoveries of the new world....Unfortunately it's only been recently that these stories and others have started to come to light, and now, history is slowly being re-written, at least by those "in the know"....if you know what I mean....

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