Princess Diana Verdict

The jury is in and the verdict handed down in the Scott Baker Inquest into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and her boyfriend, Dodi al Fayed. I can say I am not particularly surprised, although I did predict that it might come back as an 'open verdict' meaning no verdict at all...but I was wrong.

Nine members of an 11 member jury gave the verdict in the case of both the death of Diana and Dodi as the following:

The inquest found that Dodi and Diana died as a result of injuries sustained in the car for the reason for the crash...(they didn't call it an accident)

"The crash was caused or contributed to by the speed and manner of driving of the Mercedes, the speed and manner of driving of the following vehicles, the impairment of the judgment of the driver of the Mercedes through alcohol."

They added that the fact that Princess Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi, were not wearing seatbelts as an additional factor in their deaths.

So...that's it...the verdict is in after six months of inquest... six long months I am sure for the members of the jury, who were praised today by Justice Scott Baker who commented on how they hadn't missed a day, and were dedicated to their task. He also excused them from serving on any more juries for the rest of their lives, unless of course the wanted to serve again.

So the driver and the paparazzi are to blame. That is what they want us to believe...oops...did I say that? Let me rephrase that comment....given the evidence presented, and the legal surroundings of the inquest, the jury came to the conclusion that the accident was caused by the driver of her vehicle, and the paparazzi chasing them.

I read the verdict twice, then went back and revisited some of the inquest transcripts and so on. I cannot help but wonder about the Justice Baker's comments on the day he sent the jury off to deliberate when he took any findings of a conspiracy off the table indicating nothing in the inquest could lead to that conclusion. That baffles me a little, given that it was up to the jury to decide, or so I thought. But I don't understand the British legal system obviously.

The jury found the answer to be pretty much in line with what has been the official findings of other investigations into Diana's death. Henri Paul, the driver, his drinking, and the influence or participation of the paparazzi in the car chase, which from all accounts is what was happening.

So yes, Diana and Dodi died from the causes mentioned in the verdict. Apparently nothing was proven that would suggest that anyone else was involved. It was not a planned murder, it wasn't a conspiracy by members of the Royal Family or as the British call it, "The Establishment"

Or was it? Those of us who follow mysteries, and things related to conspiracies, strange events etc, know that for some things there are no answers, nor will there ever be answers. Will Mohammed al Fayed, Dodi's father, and the person who has been saying repeatedly that there was a conspiracy accept the verdict? I doubt it.

I believe that there is more to this story than we know, I also suspect we will never know any more than we do now....

So now I wonder, will someone try to bring charges against the paparazzi who were on the scene that night? Henri Paul, the driver, died in the crash, so there isn't much can be done about him, but what about the photographers and other paparazzi that were chasing them, are they accountable for their actions?

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