UFO Sighting In Stephenville, Texas

The internet is buzzing with a news report out of Stephenville, Texas where apparently dozens of people reported seeing an Unidentified Flying Object or as we like to call these types of things, a UFO.

Of course, news like this gets the internet on the move and the search engines were busy keeping up with surfer's searching for UFO photos. These types of things get bloggers blogging, and chat rooms buzzing as folks start talking about all kinds of stuff, including conspiracies and aliens, and government coverups.

Larry King covered the story, and had quite a lively debate with both some of the folks who claim to have seen it, and others who doubt it was a UFO. The report that got the UFO talk going cited witness's who said that a strange, silent object flew over a small town in Texas, called Stephenville.

The Associated Press reported that several dozen people are coming forward claiming to have witnessed the UFO. Those witnesses include a pilot, a county constable and some business owners. They say they saw a large, silent object with bright lights that flew low and fast. But...get this...some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it....oh...that makes the hair on my body stand up....

So...fighter jets seen chasing it, that means the officials must know about it. So what are they saying? The official answer from the Public Affairs Officer is that there is a logical explanation. I guy on Larry King said there were 8 F16's filing that night...seems like a lot of F16's flying...The witness's say that whatever they saw, appeared larger, faster, and lower to the ground than an airplane. They also reported that the UFO's lights changed while they watched.

It seems this isn't a one night thing, several folks from various Texas towns have reported seeing it over the past several weeks and offered similar descriptions.

Of course, as those of us in the know, know...this will eventually slip from the news like most UFO sightings do, and only those of us with an interest in the mysteries will remember it with any detail. UFO researcher's are forever poo-pooed by the media and by the government, who for the most part typically downplay such reports.

Yup...and why wouldn't they. They don't want us to know what it was, or is, regardless of whether or not it is a UFO from another planet, or something of our own design. Obviously the government isn't saying what they know. Whenever I read that a pilot witnessed the event, and that there were a bunch of government fighter planes in the area, I tend to believe there is something to the story.

I dunno, maybe F16's are flying around Stephenville, Texas every night. I suppose. Why not? Patrolling the skies is important. Imagine how many F16's must be in the air over Washington every night patrolling the skies if there are 8 guarding Stephenville...imagine...it's a wonder they aren't running into each other.

Whenever UFO sightings like this come up, I almost always go back to two UFO related things that I have read. One, are the remarks made in the past year by an ex Canadian Minister of Defence, who kind of let the cat out of the bag when he said something to the effect that the world's global warming problems could be fixed by utilizing UFO technology....what? This from the lips of a former Canadian Minster of Defence, someone you would think would know something....You can read about that Here in a previous post.

The second thing that comes to mind for me is a little closer to home. It's a story that happened in Nova Scotia, and in fact began with a UFO sighting not far from my own home at the time. If I had looked up, I would have seen it myself. That sighting, not unlike this one, was witnessed by several credible sources, including police officers.

In the Nova Scotia incident, which happened in 1967, a strange object was seen in the sky, over Halifax Harbour and along the south shore of Nova Scotia until it eventually appeared to crash in the waters of Shag Harbour. That followed a rash of UFO sightings which had began two years earlier, around 1965. Three members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP) are reported to have watched the object float on the waters of Shag Harbour before it sank. Navy divers searched the waters. But now, when one inquires, apparently officials say nothing happened...nothing happened.... This story is told in the book, Dark Object: The World's Only Government-Documented UFO Crash by Don Ledger and Chris Styles. Styles was an eyewitness to the event.

According to the book, the US Navy was quite involved with that one afterwards leaving me to wonder why. Of course, the official word is, nothing was found.
What was the object seen over Stephenville, Texas? Was it the same as the object seen over Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in the 1960's? Who knows, perhaps we never will....

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