Secrets Of The Masons

From time to time I come across books and other information claiming to reveal the secrets of the Masonic Lodge, like this e-book called, Secrets of the Masons Revealed.

This book claims to have information on the various degrees of Freemasonary, and says it will answer your questions, questions like:

What ancient rituals take place within the "lodge"?
Is this secret "brotherhood" really a religion?
Is it a cult?
Is it a Christian organization or is it opposed to Christianity?

Those are all questions we would like answers to, along with a lot of other questions, but I wonder if the book can really do what it claims. If you ask me, most of those questions could be answered by giving an opinion, as opposed to really being able to answer the questions. On the other hand, it might be that the opinions given are enlightening, and perhaps might help us come to our own conclusions. Let's take a shot at answering some of those questions ourselves, and see what we come up with...I haven't read the book I mentioned, these are just my thoughts....

The first question, what ancient rituals take place with the lodge? is not of great interest to me. If it was, I suppose I should join up. What interests me are things like the influence that Masons exert on world events, politics, and society, both today and yesterday. Those are secrets that I doubt can be revealed in a book, if they were, it would be a big book I think. I am a conspiracy theorist at heart, and although I don't think the Masonic Lodge is connected to all the things that some writers would like us to believe, I do wonder sometimes.

Is this 'secret brotherhood really a religion? I suppose some could see it as such, but so what if it is. That really doesn't matter to me, for that matter what is a religion, other than the worship of an spiritual entity or teachings. Religion in and of itself is a good thing, it is what man has done to it that makes problems. If a bunch of fellows want to get together, call themselves Masons and practice a Masonic religion, power to them, I feel the same way about that as I do about Mormoms or Catholics, Protestants or Jews, who am I to say Masonery cannot be a religion? Although I don't know if it would meet a formal definition of a religion, Masonery is a religious undertaking of sorts, and many of their teachings have similiarities to various religions. They do have to state a belief in a supreme being.

Is it a Christian organization or is it opposed to Christianity? I think this is where Masons sometimes get a bad rap. I don't think Masons are opposed to Christianity as such, and in fact, many of them are practicing Christians, regular church goers. The difference is that I believe many of their teachings are different than those of Christianity and other religions. I want to emphasize something here, I said that they are 'different' and by that I want to be clear I don't know, but don't believe that they are 'opposed' to Christianity. In fact, in my mind, I don't believe they are at all.

That is where it starts to get interesting. Different, but not opposed. Their beliefs, which they do hold close to the chest, are different than that of others. How can you be diffferent, but not opposed? I think it is because Masons think that the mainstream religions may have the right idea, just got the facts screwed up. How's that for philosophical?

In other words, the Masons, some of them, think they know something that others don't, including organized religions and that is why they come across sometimes as being opposed to those religions.

We've been marking time on this earth for a couple thousand years now, and lets face it, many of us cannot keep a story straight from the news at suppertime until we go to bed at night. Why on earth do we think we would be able to get history right for 2000 years? After all, much of what we call religion is based on historical stories, handed down over centuries. How many of them have been changed over the years. We know for a fact that the Church and some Kings had the bible stories changed to suit their purposes. What we don't necessarily know, is what was changed?

So, what will you learn from this e-book called, Secrets of the Masons Revealed? Probably a fair bit about the Masonic Lodge and it's rituals, and goings on. It will undoubtly shed some light on the happenings behind the closed doors of the lodges across the world, and who knows, may even spark something inside of you to learn more.

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