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When you take an interest in the esoteric, and in particular things of a Masonic nature, you frequently stumble across Masonic symbolism in daily life. For example, while looking at some blogs today, not particularly looking for esoteric stuff, I came across an interesting photo at Tell Me What Another Is written by blogger and psychotherapist, Adrienne Parker from Chico, California, United States.

I believe the photo is from Mount Analogue written by Rene Daumai and Carol Cosman.

What's interesting to me is the picture of the famous symbol used by the Masonic Brethren of the pyramid and all seeing eye superimposed over a Buddist Monk maybe? I'm not sure, but I was surprised to see the symbol where it was.

So I decided to look into this a little further and look for the connection.It seems the author, René Daumal, who died in 1944, was the editor of Le Grand Jeu, a publication about French Poetry and the Surrealism movement popular in Europe in the early 1900's.

In his novel, Mount Analogue which was first published, posthumously, in 1952, the author, acting as narrator, tells the story of his search in a yacht, the Impossible to search for Mount Analogue. Mount Analogue is supposed to be a hidden peak that leads one toward heaven. The book notes say it's an allegory for "man's search for himself" and "embraces the certainty that one can know and conquer one's own reality"

Daumal was an interesting piece of work, with a broad range of interests in things mystical and eosteric. Perhaps the Masonic Symbol in the picture is not so much Masonic in this case, as it is esoteric, and a comment that Masons are not the only kid on the block when it comes to the hidden secrets.

So...we have a story, written by a man who had an interest in the mystic, with a masonic symbol attached...not just a story mind you, but the basis of all Masonic teachings, does make one wonder if Rene Daumal was a Mason, based on what we know of his interests, we know he at least knew about things Masonic. The allegory, the story of a man looking for the mountain that reaches to heaven, which I imagine means the same thing as enlightenment, which is the oft stated goal of most esoteric societies including the Masons, but not exclusively.

I think this might be a book worth reading....Some of the most useful works about secret societies are those written some years ago, and often by people who were there so to speak. Often the picture is much clearer than today's works which seek to uncover the secrets, or blow the cover off the secret societies, but don't really deal with the underlying reasons why they exist. I have no idea if Mount Analogue does that, and I assume it doesn't, but the allegory, the story is sure to provide some enlightenment itself, if you are able to recognize it.

In addition to the picture etc, Adrienne also posts a thought provoking passage about knowing what is above and below, you can read it HERE!

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