Masons - A Society With Secrets?

Do the Masons really have secrets? I have read in several places that the Masonic Lodge likes to bill itself not as a 'secret society' but a 'society with secrets' which is a horse of a different color.

A society with secrets is a lot less ominous than a secret society where who knows what goes on, and who knows who belongs to it.

It is true that Masons have secrets, and on the surface, most of the time they would like the unwashed among us to believe that those secrets are limited to things like passwords and handshakes, as well as other signs that allow members of the Masonic Lodge to tell each other from the rest of us.

But...does it end there with a secret handshake and a wink, nod or other sign of membership, or is it more than that? For many, I imagine for a good many acutally, it probably does end there, along with some allegorical teachings designed to educate and enlighten the membership. Those allegorical teachings are probably somewhat secret as well, certainly not talked about outside of the Lodge. But the rest of the time, what else is going on in there?

In anything that man gets involved in, there are some who take advantage of it to further their own individual aims. That is probably true of the Masonic Lodge, the Friars, Knights Columbus and any other faternal organization. Therefore there are undoubtly those amongst these organizations who use their membership to further their own ambitions. Now I am not talking about the guy who joins the Masons to build some contacts in his local business community, that is one thing, and possibly one of the reasons many do join. I am talking more about the 'secret' aspect of it as it relates to the bigger world powers. We all know by now that the United States is said to be a Masonic State. And it's true that many of the original creators of the U.S.A. were members of the Masonic Lodge. It's also still true today that many of the high ranking politicians and movers and shakers of the world (not just the U.S.A.) are Masons or members of other similar organizations. And they have been throughout history.

With that kind of power and influence in all the right places, it stands to reason that many Masonic goals could be the driving force in things that are happening. The Masonic Lodge of England, which as I understand it, is the governing body of Masonic goings on, is in a position to influence world events on a grand scale.

That's why it is easy to build conspiracy type theories around Masons and other connected or similar organizations like the Knights Templars, the probably true but yet unproven Priory de Sion, The Skull and Bones and more. The members of many of these, if not all of these organizations include some very powerful people. Very powerful.

I cannot help but wonder if their is a connection between what happened back in the 1100's and thereabouts when the Knights Templar headed off to Jerusalem on a crusade to protect travellers, or pilgrims to the Holy Land as they called it, and what is happening now, as so many Masonic countries are kind of 'crusading' yet again in the Middle East. It can't be all about the oil can it? he Templars didn't have a lot of use for oil back in the 1100's but they went anyway, and stayed, a long time, and spent a lot of that time fighting Muslims. Now 1000+ years later, here we are again, modern day crusaders, bringing peace to the middle east, or at least saying that is what we are doing.

Soldiers from the Western countries involved in the Middle East are said to be patrolling the roads, making it safe for the residents of those countries like Afganistan and Iraq. Making it safe for travellers....has a familiar ring to it doesn't it?

So...back to my original question, do the Masons have secrets? I dunno, perhaps, in fact probably. Do they all know what they are? Nope, not likely. Do they have a hidden agenda? Some do, but it is impossible to tell at this point if that is a Masonic agenda, or some other agenda, perhaps one we haven't even thought of, and it isn't likely oil, nor is it particularly a fight against terrorism, although that is certainly a part of it, or a reason to continue.

It seems that western powers have an undeniable urge to bring western values to the Middle East, which is not an easy task as we are being reminded on a daily basis. But why? Why do we care what they do over there?

It's kind of like the early British and European settlers to North America trying to bring their values to the natives of North America. We seem to have an overwelming urge to get everyone in line with our values, which, by the way, I happen to believe are worthy values, not perfect, but worthy. However, I cannot help but wonder what it would be like if the shoe was on the other foot......

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