A Nova Scotia Mystery

Those of you who follow Mysterious Societies, or mysteries of the esoteric, or just have an interesting in the unexplained and secret things that go on around us more than we realize, know that Nova Scotia, Canada, often figures in some of these mysteries. Perhaps it is just coincidence, and perhaps it is because I know a little about Nova Scotia and therefore Nova Scotia mysteries catch my eye. Or perhaps it is because there really is something to it.

I came across a website several months ago about Nova Scotia and what may be one of the biggest mysteries about it. It may also hold the answer to some of the other mysteries we have been following, as I cannot help but think that so many of these things are somehow interconnected. Perhaps that is why they remain such mysteries, everyone knows something, but no one knows everything. There is so much to know. Hundreds of years of secrets and mysteries, perhaps even thousands of years of secrets and mysteries.Most of the them jealously guarded by those who, to use a Masonic term, are "on the square" or in other words, "in the know"

But back to today's discovery. This link is to a website owned by John Coleman, a Nova Scotia Land Surveyor who has mades some...well...interesting discoveries in his days in the field surveying Nova Scotia. His advanced training of reading maps and coordinates etc has been very helpful to him in uncovering this mystery.

I suggest you check out his at website and see for yourself. I am sure it will be of interest, even if like me, you cannot figure out what it all means. It is very interesting and I believes ties in to a lot of the things those of us on the trail of secret knowledge have already found, but don't understand. Or maybe you do.....

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