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If unexplained mysteries, particularly those of the esoteric or historic type interest you as much as they interest me, you might be interested in some of the books that I have put together through Amazon. I personally am trying to read them all, just because I can't get enough of mysterious and secret societies and what they may or may not be up too.

There are so many secret societies that it gets difficult to keep them all straight, especially when many of them seem to be interlinked in some manner, take for instance the Masonic Lodge and the Knights Templar, or the Opeis Dei, the Skull and Bones Club, the Priory de Sion, and many more including some modern secret societies that we probably don't even know about yet.

As with all fiction, there is always some truth. Finding out just what that truth is, is the impetus that drives me to read more, to thirst for more knowledge and to get goose bumps when something I have discovered is proven true, or at least confirmed independent of what I have researched.

What I have discovered is that one of the reasons these 'secrets' are still 'secrets' is that the mass of people only have a passing interest in them, perhaps because they simply don't believe it. But that is changing. Recent best selling books and of course The DaVinci Code, even as a work of fiction, has done a great deal to create newfound interest in these things that up until now, have only been of interest to a few.

Oak Island, on the coast of Nova Scotia, a Canadian Province that seems to figure often in legends and history of the Masons and Knights Templars. Somewhere on Oak Island may be the greatest treasure known to man, or perhaps the greatest secret kept by man. Many have searched for the Oak Island Treasure since the mid 1700's. To date, it hasn't been found, but there are still some folks searching. But on the other hand, considering the magnitude of what might be buried somewhere on Oak Island, it's amazing to realize how many people have never heard of it, or are willing to pass it off as the story used for so long to cover up what they were really looking for, that it is the place where a pirate buried some of his stolen loot. The likelihood of pirate treasure buried on Oak Island is to me, given what I now know, is not good. I think instead, the treasure as yet to be found, will be far more important and profound than anything a pirate would bury.

I have pulled together a collection of interesting books about these topics and put them into Amazon AStores to give you a chance to buy and read them without having to search for them yourself.

Please browse my stores with books about The Illuminati and Oak Island and Buried Treasure and of course, the Masonic mysteries, Knights Templar mysteries, related Egyptian Mysteries and history and of course, Unidentified Flying objects!!

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